Altalana: The Subtle Elegance of Simplicity

Cool and comfortable, Cozy and welcoming Italian Fashion!

Plush softness … it feels like floating on a cloud …

A collection that looks so good outside, it will make you feel good inside.

Each Altalana collection is truly a work of art.

Altalana, for an unabashedly elegant man and an understated women’s elegance.

The most convenient Italian cashmere at an affordable price.

A selection of the best wool and fabrics, rigorously made in Italy.

Flattering colors, trendy design, each Altalana item is beautiful from any angle.

Feel the cares of the day fade away, for a higher level of comfort.

Altalana evokes the feel of rich elegance without spending a fortune, and …

You've never been more comfortable!

Our best seller

The winter collection

for women

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New Year’s Sale

50% off

The winter collection

for men

get it now


New Year’s Sale

50% off

Capture the splendor of Altalana!

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Via del Babuino, 52
00187 Roma
Tel. (+39) 06 32600426


Corso di Porta Ticinese, 24
20123 Milano (MI)
Tel. (+39) 02 83241997


Via Milano, 5
20085 Locate di Triulzi (MI)
Tel. (+39) 02 89652347



Piazza Cascina Moie
25050 Rodengo-Saiano (BS)
Tel. (+39) 030 8370394


Ang. Via Papa Giovanni XXIII
28060 Vicolungo (NO)
Tel. (+39) 0321 411009