At Altalana we fell in love with some of the best Italian fashion labs in Tuscany in 2013.
We decided to open some successful stores and in 2017 the shop on line entirely dedicated to the highest quality fashion at the best prices available today.

From our commitment to excellence we created the exclusive concept Altalana: “Triple A” Italian fashion.
Italian Highest Quality Clothes for an Easy Wear.
As shown in our logo, “fashion at its best for everyone”, a philosophy entirely, and proudly conceived and made in Italy.


Our philosophy

Relaxed fit, Sensuous lines and unsurpassed, soothing comfort with a flawless finish. All Altalana items excel in endurance and eye appeal.

From the finest Italian fashion school design, they are impeccably crafted. Made from the finest fabrics available with a meticulous commitment to quality

Pure comfort that’s never out of style

Altalana: The epitome of comfort and style



We distribute our clothes to our shops directly from the Altalana labs.
We sell exclusively through our shops and our new e-shop
We deliver our product directly to you, taking care of any detail for you satisfaction
No intermediaries
No representatives
No distributors

Altalana, Alta Moda Italiana.

Altalana is the Italian clothing brand that has always nurtured young designers since its early days and continues to collaborate with some of the most important design universities, in an endless search for untapped potential in young talented students.
Altalana does not try to follow the most-seen trends on the catwalk, but listening to customers needs in our shops, creates the most luxurious cuts at an affordable price.

Our pieces are ideal for all seasons, easy to care and easy to wash, and most of all: easy to wear.

The finest Italian fashion production values and practices, in a mix of masculine and feminine tailoring – precision cuts, alongside a fresh palette of colors.

The Altalana Collection looks to the Italian Renaissance for the inspiration: elegantly-cut dresses, shirts and trousers avoiding ephemeral style detailing.

Fresh sporty and dressier outfits with the Altalana’s craze for details precision.

The first response from our shops is being overwhelmingly encouraging.

Our masterpieces are ready and waiting to be worn.

Are you ready to make your dreams come true?

Our summertime pieces can be worn right through the year, making the most of your wardrobe.

Easy to wear and very forgiving on the body, these timeless styles suit young and old.

Click on our gallery to understand how well these looks could work at any time of year.